Angela Gallop, forensic scientist

Angela Gallop

Never before has the UK criminal justice system relied so heavy on scientific testimony – with thanks in large part to Dr Angela Gallop, one of the UK’s most eminent forensic scientists. As Chief Executive and Forensic Science Director of Axiom International Ltd, she is making the UK’s expertise in the field available to law enforcement authorities all over the world, and is recognized for her longstanding career in injecting an evidence-based approach into complex criminal investigations.  Continue reading

Bessie Coleman, pioneer aviator and stunt pilot

A pioneer in aviation, Bessie Coleman has a number of ‘firsts’ to her name. At a time of both gender and racial discrimination, Bessie broke barriers and became the world’s first black woman to earn a pilot’s licence,  America’s first black woman to fly a plane, and the first American overall with an international flying licence.  Continue reading

Chien-Shiung Wu, Queen of nuclear research

Chien-Shiung Wu was an experimental physicist and the first Chinese-American citizen elected into the U.S. National Academy of Sciences. She is celebrated for her significant contributions to radioactivity research, alongside her contradiction of a fundamental principle of physics with the famous ‘Wu Experiment’ – achievements that have earned her the popular titles ‘First Lady of Physics’, ‘the Chinese Madame Curie’, and ‘Queen of Nuclear Research’.  Continue reading

Zita Martins, astrobiologist and Royal Society research fellow

At the age of nine, she was faced with a difficult choice between the arts and the sciences – either join the national ballet school in her home country, or pursue an academic career. But Carl Sagan’s Cosmos swayed her decision, and now Zita Martins spends her days delving into one of the most fundamental questions in science – the origin of life.  Continue reading